Thursday, November 14, 2013

College Tips: THE BATHROOM

Hello All,

As a sophomore in college I think I'm learned a thing or two about college and because of that I like to write some post with "college tips". I haven't done them in a while so you can check out the past ones, Must Haves for College and Living With a Roommate by clicking on the links. 

Today I'm going to talk to you about one of the scariest part of living in a college dorm. The part that is possibly the grossest part. It is the communal bathrooms!

For anyone who ever lived in a dorm, you can't tell me that's not one of the first questions you asked when touring a campus was do you have clean bathrooms? I know I thought about it. 

So, here are some of my tips for sharing a bathroom with 40 other girls!

1. Wipe any bodly functions of the seat when your done using it. I don't want to see your pee or anything else on the seat when I got to sit on it.
If you're one of those people who don't like sitting on toilet seats that fine, just use the seat protector or make sure you wipe up whatever misses when you hover. 

2. Don't leave feminine products on the floor if they are used. Ain't nobody want to touch that!

3. Don't leave any clothes, underwear, shampoo, used razor in the bathroom. Your floor mates, RAs and janitors ARE NOT your mother and should not have to clean up after you!

4. Same goes with the hair in the drains, on the walls or wherever else you can get your long hair.
 5. Always wear something on your feet! Whether is socks when you go to pee or wear flip-flops/sandals when you shower. You don't want a fungus growing between your toes! That's just gross.

6. Flush the toilet! Its really not that hard!

7. I don't care if you want to listen to music, I love to listen music in shower. But if you go in and someone else's music is already playing, PLEASE don't try and over power their music. We can sing along to the same song!
And those are my tips for sharing a college dorm bathroom. Do you have any tips? Let me know in the comments below!

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