Wednesday, November 13, 2013

May the Odds Be Ever In Your Favor

Hello All,

And no I'm not talking to y'all about the Hunger Games. In fact I've never read the books or seen the first movie completely through, please don't throw fruit at me and hate me.

Instead it 5:45 and registration day for sophomores here at my college. That means 1 of three things 1. its early 2. the semester is almost over and 3. all HELL is about to break lose with everyone trying to use the same website at the same time. 

Ever since my class was freshmen (the movies had just come out) everyone has tweeted "May the odds ever me in your favor," right before registration begins. Because you can register in as quick as 30 seconds (me int he spring) and as long as 45 minutes (me in the fall) or even longer. Not gonna lie totes have butterflies waiting for six AM right now. 

So, may the odds ever be in your favor if you are anything like me and getting ready to register! 

Ahhhh! Its 6:01 and I'm done people!

I hope if you had register for classes it went quick and simple and that you have an awesome day! 

P.S.- This lovely post is a one take wonder and I'm not editing it because I want to post it and get back to sleep. Please don't hate me :)


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