Tuesday, November 19, 2013

We've ALL Been There

Hello All,

We've all add one of those days, nights, 8 hours shifts where everything seems to go wrong. You wanna hear? Yes, good I'm glad!

My day started out good, I had to run some errand and Mandi came with me, we had some good bestie bonding time. We got back to school in time for me to relax and watch some Teen Wolf (Hello, Dylan O'Brien). 

And soon I drove my way to work and it was an enjoyable ride.

I got to the car garage where I parked car and found out that their was something going on in the theater next door to the garage. So, I started driving through the garage all the way up to the sixth out of seven floors. I was still early so I decided to run to Panera because yum!

I walked to Panera and they TOOK forever I don't know what was up but they we're just super slow. Finally I got my food and started heading towards work but I realized I left my hat part of my uniform in my car. I headed back to the garage but I saw that show next door was getting out and the line for the elevator was a mile long. so I turned around and headed to work figuring I'd buy a hat there. 

But then I realized i was still wearing my slippers and that my work shoes were in my car so I had to go back. The line for the elevator was still a mile long so I decided to run up the six flights of stairs. Lets say I'm very out of shape and out of breath. #NotSexy 

Finally I got to work and power ate my food only to find out that Panera forgot my bread! But I didn't have time to go back a complain because it was time to work. The first two hours we were there we had a line to the door. I work at restaurant and was making the fries and I went through 3 box of fries, all of which hold six bags with hold about 8 helpings. So, you can assume how many fries we had to make. 

So, I was taking a sheet of bacon of the thing we make bacon on and pulled off a sheet and with hit came some of the grease. Without thinking I stuck my thumb right into a puddle of grease and burnt it.

Soon it was getting time to close and we started to pre-close we had most of the stations shut down when we got another huge rush of people and everything we had pre-closed was no longer closed. So, when we actually were closed we were starting from square two. 

We finally got out of work at close to 2 AM. I drove home but couldn't fall asleep. I think I was awake until about 3 AM and I woke up this morning at 10:30. And trust me I'm still VERY sleepy. 

What was your weekend like this week? Let me know in the comments below!

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