Monday, November 4, 2013

What I'm Watching this Season! - Fall 2013

Hello All,

If you've been following along with my blog you know that I consider myself a Television nerd and I am here blogging to you today out there in blogsphere about the new shows that I am watching this season. I'm going to tell you what I thought of the Pilot episode of each series, a short summary and if I will be returning to watch the rest of the season. So, let's begin....

Sleepy Hollow - Fox - Drama/Historical/Sci-Fi
Sleepy Hollow was the first show new show premiere this season and looked good to me from the first time I watch the trailer so I was excited to say the least. But at the same time I was worried that the show would disappoint. But I didn't need to worry because the pilot was great!
The story is centered around a man, Ichabod Crane (Tom Mison) who was a solider in the Revolutionary War, after being "killed" in the war he wakes up in our time. Where he meets, Abbie (Nicole Beharie), a police officer who was recently offered a job by the FBI. The two meet after Abbie's partner is killed by a headless figure that only Abbie is witness to. The story line of the pilot progresses to tell us that Abbie and Ichabod must bane together in order to stop the end of the world from coming. 
I personally am excited about this show because I love history and I love when you take a movie or show and you use historical facts to create a mystery. I give the pilot a 8/10 and recommend you check it our on Monday at 9 on Fox!
The Tomorrow People - CW - Sci-Fi/Drama
I'm going to be honest with you but I was multi-tasking and do no fully understand the background of the show. So, if you watch it and can see anything from the first episode I missed, feel free to add it in the comments below.
The story is about a teenage guy, Stephen (Robbie Ammell), who doctors believe has a sleeping disorder is starting to show signs of schizophrenia. But what he really is a super human who is communicating telepathically with other super humans. Not many people know about these humans but one who do is an agency who wants to make these humans extinct.
In my personal opinion this show has many similarities to the CWs other show Beauty and the Beast but I figured I'd watch in anyways because I love Sci-fi shows. I going to give the pilot a 7/10.
Reign - CW - Historical/Drama

Ummm...I don't get it! Basically from what I got from watching the pilot I have figured out, Mary (Adeliade Kane) is the Queen of Scotland and was sent to live a convent for her own safety but when someone almost kills her there she is sent to live with her fiance since age 6, Fransic (Toby Regbo) and his family. Unfortunately for her Francis family isn't really the healthiest of family but instead drama filled and crazy. Oh, and someone within the castle is trying to kill her too, did I forget to mention that?
I'm going to be brutal honest with you, the only good part of the pilot, in my opinion was that Megan Fellows is in the show and I love her because she's Anne as in Anne of Green Gables (my favorite movies/books). Will I be returning to watch the show week after week? No, although I may do a marathon over winter break and see if watching episode back to back clears up the pilot a little bit more. I give this pilot a 4/10 #sorrynotsorry
Welcome to the Family - NBC - Comedy
Welcome to the Family centers around 2 family both of which have teenagers who announce that they are pregnant on the day of their high school graduation. The two fathers meet right before the announcement is made without knowing who the other one is and a rivalry is created. Although the mother's relationship seems much different and one of the mother's even has a BIG secret that gets revealed at the end of the pilot episode.
I love shows like these that revolve at around teen pregnancy. I don't know what it is about shows like these but I love them. When I went through the list of new fall shows to figure out what I wanted to watch this show didn't make the list based on the summary. But it popped up on my Hulu homepage as a watch before it premieres and I figured what the heck and decided to watch and I definitely don't regret it and have found myself returning week after week. I give the pilot a 7/10 and can't wait to see where this season takes the show.
I'm going to be completely honest with you, I have no idea how to summarize this show without giving away the ending of the episode. But the end makes every single one of the 42 minutes you watched to get there completely worth. Not that the other 42 minutes aren't good but the end was just breath taking. I literally sat on bed of a good 20 minutes going "Awww...$#!%" over and over again, it was that good.
I can't not wait until I can watch the next episode and definitely will be returning to watch this series. I'm going to give this pilot the highest rate with a 9/10.

So, tell me, what are you watching this season? Do you have any recommendation? Let me know in the comments below! I love to know what others are watching!


  1. My idols bf is one of the main guys on Reign!!! Torance Coombs :) I can't get into the show much but i love him which is why I watch lol!

    1. He's attractive! So, many of the actors in the show are attractive! I'm trying to get into and just can't seem to.


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