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BOOK REVIEW: The Fault in Our Stars

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In this post I talked about how one of my goals to 3 books this summer and I'm happy to say that I am off to a good start because while on my cruise I finished my first book, The Fault in Our Stars and I'm hear to share my thoughts on the book.

Spoiler Alert: The only way I can truly give my thoughts on this book is if I give away some away some of the important details featured in the book The Fault In Our Stars by John Green. If you have not read the book and plan to read it so see the movie please don’t read it.

I want to start out by saying I plan to be 100% honest with all of you and some things I might say when it comes to my opinions on this books may not make some people very happy and I apologize for that but in reality I’m really not all that sorry. 

The Fault in Our Stars is the first John Green book that I have ever read and everyone I knew couldn't stop raving about in, especially after the movie trailer came out.

And of course I decided I just had to read because I like to jump on bandwagons and follow the trends and I was excited because I thought I would be reading a earth stopping book. It had all this hype surrounding and I need to understand the fuss. And after finishing the book I must say I don’t understand the fuss.

Now don’t get me wrong this book was great, the story was good, the plot made sense and took me a little while to understand exactly what I didn’t like and came up with 3 reasons this book didn’t exactly sit well with me. 

One I found it predictable. As soon as it really hit me that Hazel was the one telling the story I knew she wasn’t the one going to die and I then knew that it had to be Gus. Now maybe this is because everyone was talking about how sad the end was that I knew someone had to die. Or I knew that it would be too predictable to have Hazel die but seriously did it have to happen that I figured it out before page like 50? I like books that keep me guessing a little bit longer. 

Going off the theme of the ending, I felt that this story just kind of ended. There was no real wrap or anything. Yes, I know that Hazel and Gus’ great love story ended with Hazel knowing just how much Gus loved her and now she probably could have died happy or something like. But it left me with the question how long after Gus’ death did she die? I like to think that the characters have an afterlife where they are now together forever but how long did Hazel have to wait? 

Also couldn't she have introduced her pre-cancer friend to Isaac so that he wasn't left alone with no friends, no girlfriend and no sight. Oh, wait John Green I think I have your next great love story, Popular pre-cancer friend falls in love with blind boy and the two finally see the beauty of love! 

But the final and most important reason why I believe this book didn't quite sit with me right was that I didn't like the characters. They didn't seem real enough for me. I felt as if Gus was just to much of a smart ass, and I LOVE guys who are smart asses but he added too of an “I’m better then you feeling,” as well. As for Hazel she was understandably negative and understandably bratty and a little selfish for my taste. And I know that she has a right to be, she’s dying for crying out loud, but I still didn't like her, I was more annoyed with her then had sympathy for her. 

The one thing that I truly loved about the book was the Hazel was to pre-occupied with what the world would be like without her that she was the grenade. And during that process she fell in love with the grenade and was forced to see what life would be like without him. 

I enjoyed the storyline with the Dutch author, it was amazing to see who Hazel looked up to and there was a point where I wondered if John Green was going to end the story the same way. But he didn’t and instead I feel he wrapped up the Dutch author storyline to quickly, like he was running out of ideas and just threw it together, in all honesty, I’m still a little confused and might go back and read the last few chapters over. 

With all that being said I wouldn’t rank The Fault in Our Stars as one of the best books I read but I also wouldn’t rank at as one of the worst. I plan to see the movie when I can. And I hope to God that they don’t pull a My Sister’s Keeper on us. (If you get that reference we can be best friends, if not go read the books, have your heart ripped out and then go watch the movie for the biggest disappointed ever). 

My opinion is just one and I encourage you to read the book, maybe you’ll understand the hype because even if it wasn’t my favorite book ever, I still think, it’s a book worth reading. 

What did you think of Fault in our Stars? Let me know in the comments below but please be nice if you disagree with me. 



  1. I've been wondering about this after seeing the trailers. I think I may watch it on DVD but forget about reading the book.

    1. I still want to see the movie, maybe in the next couple of weeks and I'll definately review it here as well, so I'll let you know if its any good. :) Thanks for reading!


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