Thursday, October 6, 2016

TRAVEL THURSDAY: Flashbacks of Cruise Past

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Happy Travel Thursday!

So, I am back once again to talk about my upcoming trip, for those of you who missed the announcement you can read it by clicking on that link. I'm not going to lie I'm pretty excited now that I'm in the double digit countdown. Plus there is so much going on between now and 93 days from now that I know the time is just going to fly by.

So, if you were around these parts a few years ago when I was getting ready for my cruise in 2015 and you have super amazing memory you may remember I did a post very similar to the one I'm about to do. I just wanted to give a flashback to past cruises because one I think its fun to see how different I look but also because it helps to past the time.

So, my first cruise was in like 2005 with my mom, which I don't have any pictures for because I'm at school. I remember having a lot of fun during my first cruise, which I went on with my mom. We went on a three day cruise that docked in Nassau and Castaway Cay, as well as having a day at sea. On this particular cruise we went on one excursion which was in Nassau, we got to play with dolphins, which was an awesome experience.

Our second cruise was in 2011, we went on the same cruise with the three days stopping at Nassau and Castaway Cay. This time we didn't do any excursions and said on the boat with the exception of when we were docked on Castaway. This was the first time I felt like we didn't have enough time to everything I really wished it was longer. I'm going to throw a few pictures in here.
My mom and I
Pluto and me
My most recent cruise I wrote about for this blog. This cruise took place in 2014 and I wrote a lot about it afterwards (The first post). This cruise I went on with aunt Marianne and Emily, my Uncle Chad, my grandma and little cousin. We did a seven day cruise that stopped at St. Marteen, St.Thomas/St. John and Castaway Cay. This wa an awesome trip filled with great memories. I'm once again going to add some pictures in.

St. Thomas water
Me in St. Thomas
One of my favorite pictures
Me at Castaway Cay
Me and Princess Tiana
Me and Chip and Dale.
Those are the cruises are the ones I've been on in the past. I have a lot of more posts for planning coming up. See you next week with the next post. 

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