Thursday, May 29, 2014

Disney Cruise 2014 Recap: Trip in Review {1}

Hello All,

I'm back from my cruise and I have so many ideas for posts and I can't wait to start writing them but I am pretty exhaust so I figured I start with a quick one for my recap feature.

The 11 days went so fast and we did so much so I figured I should start with a quick review.

Day One Friday May 16th:
Fountain in the lobby of the Grand Floridan
I flew down to Florida with my Grandmother and checked in at Grand Floridan for the night. We explored the resort and had dinner with the rest of our travel party.
Day two - Saturday May 17th: 
The Entrance to the ship
We headed over to the ship and boarded the Disney Fantasy for our cruise! We spent the day exploring, going to the welcome show and just hanging out.
Day three - Sunday May 18th:
One of the paintings in the Royal Court
Our first full day was a sea day, which was once again spent exploring the ship!
Day four - Monday May 19th:
Meet and Greeting Ariel
On our next sea day, I met a bunch of characters and went a exploring on the ship while his parents enjoyed themselves for a while.
Day five - Tuesday May 20th:
A view of the beach!
On Tuesday we docked at St. Martin and had a beach day. It was so relaxing and fun! 
Day six - Wednesday May 21st:
On the boat ride to St. John
Our second port of call was St. Thomas/St. John and we did a tour of St. John and saw some really beautiful sights.
Day seven - Thursday May 22nd:
Donald soared like an Aqua Duck
Thursday was our final sea day! We had bunch at Palos and just kind of lazed around the boat.
Day eight - Friday May 23rd:
Anchor on Castway Cay
Friday was our last day and our Castaway Cay day. This one was such a fun day and I can't wait to write about it.
Day nine - Saturday May 24th:
Chandiler at Bay Lake Towers
Today was the day we got off the boat and headed over to Disney World. We were staying at Bay Lake Towers and lazed around because we were all so tired.
Day ten - Sunday May 25th:
We spent the day in Magic Kingdom and saw there new parade! It was really good and I have pictures to share.
Day eleven - May 26th:
I didn't take any pictures on the day we flew home but I went on editing spree on my flight home and chatted with Mama J for like 3-4 hours when I got home.

On my blog I will sharing posts about different topics and aspect about my cruise in an overview basically. If you want a more detailed account, then you can read about. Before I started blogging I joined a website called Disboards which is a Disney Fan discussion website. On Disboards people do these things called "Trip Reports" where they give detailed accounts of everything they did. If you think that reading a more detailed account is something you'd be interested, I would love for you check it out by clicking here.

Unlike blogging I don't have a schedule, I post whenever I get a chance and the post are normally slightly more detailed then an averagve blog post. Because of that I will be posting the links on my Facebook Pages for anyone who would like to check them out.

Now, I'm done with my shameless plug but I have one more aspect of housekeeping to mention. Much like Getting Ready to Set Sail, these posts will be posted every Thursday and the occasionally Tuesdays, making this the feature that replaces getting ready to set sail.

Okay, that is all. If you have any questions about Disney Fantasy or Disney Cruise in general feel free to the live the questions below and I'll try my best to answer them.


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    1. It was such an amazing trip, I can't wait to share it with everyone! Thanks for reading!


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