Wednesday, May 21, 2014

What I Love Wednesday....Blogging {A Guest Post}

Hello All,

Today I'm at St. Thomas and St. Marteen, I have no clue what I'll be doing but you guys should all check out this awesome guest post I have planned for all you lovely people so check her out!
            Hi! My name is Natalie and I write for a little blog called Finding My Voice. I am so excited to be guest posting for Emma today. I am also excited to be writing about a topic that Emma and I talk a lot about. And that is, blogging.

            I’ve been blogging for a while now. In August, I will be officially be a blogger for four years, the first blog running from then to April of 2012. I guess that it’s a safe assumption that I love blogging. The question is why? However the answer to that question isn’t as simple.
            I like blogging mainly because it pushes me to write everyday. Writing is something that I’ve always enjoyed. I’ve been writing for my school’s newspapers (both high school and college), since I was 15 years old. I however recently decided to make my blog into a career, and actually become a writer when I walk the stage at graduation in a couple of years. To be a full time writer, you have to do a lot of writing to pay your bills. Needless to say, blogging prepares me for that. 
            Someone whose close to me often says that music is therapeutic for him. Well, in some ways, writing is a sort of therapy for me. Blogging has been there for me to vent when I’m mad, as a place to work things through when I was upset, and a place to just let me express myself, and my emotions. In high school, I used to post more personal posts about my personal life. I remember a post from Notations called “To Someone”, where I basically wrote about the guy that I was in love with at the time. I was really upset, and writing that post was some sort of therapy for me to get all of those hurt emotions out. Unfortunately, my crush decided to read that blog. That was kind of awkward.
            One of the nicest compliments ever is for someone to go up to me and say ‘I like your blog’. I work hard writing entries, and I often compare myself to being the next Carrie Bradshaw. Writing in some ways, is a part of me. I always worry that my writing isn’t the greatest, which was a fear of my early days of blogging. Over time, I’ve noticed an extreme amount of improvement in my skills as a writer. Because of my blog, I honestly can sit down to write down a long paper and have no trouble writing it. I think that’s important too, because it’s something that I will need to be able to do as I begin to have more than a blog, and articles to worry about.
            One of the biggest things that I like about blogging is the sense of community that I get from being a part of it. Bloggers are everywhere, if you look careful enough. They are great people, and they love writing, and they have feelings too. We love it when people comment our posts. In my case, it still shocks me that people read my post. The sense of support that you see through out the blogger community is strong, because you can feel us being there for each other.
            I’m a blogger. I’ve written about love, I’ve written about music, and I’ve even written about Newtown. I’m proud of that title, and no matter how many editor titles that I hold, that’s the one that I will wear with the most honor. 

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