Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Your Perfect Pup {A Guest Post}

Hello All,

I'm so excited about this guest post because its all about one of my favorite topic...PUPPIES! So, please enjoy this lovely guest post by Lindsey!

Hi ya’ll!
I’m Lindsey from Lindsey’s Thoughts. Emma asked me to guest post for her and I jumped at the chance! However, with finals and such I’m getting this to her rather late, so I’m sorry if I caused you angst! However, Emma was generous enough last November to feature me in her College Blogger series, and I have wanted to repay the favor ever since. This is the perfect way!
Anyways, I was looking through Emma’s posts to find something to write about that would be relatable to ya’ll and came up with the perfect idea: puppies and what they entail! I’m looking forward to getting a corgi pup next year (right after graduation hopefully!) so I knew this would be a good topic for me to research to get prepared.

First off, I googled “how to find your perfect dog breed”. I’m definitely smitten with adorable little dogs because I can’t lift an 80-pound lab. I decided to do two of these little quizzes that help you out in deciding your perfect breed.

I started out with this one at Pedigree.

These were the top picks for me! And thankfully, cardigan welsh corgi is one because that’s my dream pooch!

Thankfully, a corgi is in both! Obviously, I’ve already planned out my future dog. I blame Paige from The Sticky Note Addict....

To continue, I thought about where to buy stuff for your new furry daughter or son. I have friends that love their pooches very much and go to Petsmart and the like on almost weekly bases to buy a toy or a treat for their dog. I’m not going to do that because you can buy dog toys and treats at places like T.J. Maxx, Marshall’s, and Home Goods! I found the perfect dog bed in Home Goods the other day for less than $30. They also have a large selection of toys, treats, bowls, and even poop bags. And really, who wants to pay full price for a bag you’re just going to throw away? #notme. If you want to get really thrifty with your poop bags, reuse grocery bags!

Now, I’m a sucker for a well trained dog. To save money on going to a trainer, look at books on Amazon (and don’t forget about Amazon Prime free 2-day shipping!). Likewise, you can find dog food and other puppy necessities there for only a percentage of what name brand stores would charge you. I think the biggest mistake people make is chaning up the rules for the dog. If you don’t want your dog on your furniture, then your furry friend can’t sleep on your bed. It’s only fair.
Also, make sure to socialize your pooch! Our dog always had a cat around so she was well prepared whenever she went to the kennel if we went on a trip.

Definitely watch YouTube videos. I personally love watching Mocha the Corgi find herself in the mirror. It’s always a good time. And yes, my roommate doesn’t understand how I find it so entertaining, but I do.

Be ready for your puppy to trash things. My family was really lucky and our dog never really chewed anything. However, most dogs do. One of my best friends has a toy poodle who loves to untie shoes. So, make sure everything is neat and tidy (and where your dog can’t get to it).

The last crucial thing I have for you: make sure to spend time with your pup. Especially when you first adopt/buy. This way, your pup can find its place at home. So, go on Friday after work so you have all weekend to play and get to know your knew son or daughter!

I hope ya’ll have a wonderful day! 

Thank you again Lindsey for guest posting. I have to say that I agree with the Pedigree quiz because I got my favorite and dream pooch the English Bulldog!

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