Friday, May 9, 2014

Currently I am....

Hello All,

I'm free! No more finals for me! I am beyond relieved and beyond ready for summer break! Trust me it is much needed. Since I was done Thursday at by like 12:15 and got home about 3:30 and decided I wanted to write a post. I miss the bloggy and all my loyal readers when I go on hiatus. So, please say hi, I want to get to know some people.

Anyways, since I'm still a little burnt out from finals so I wanted to do something simple. I know I told you guys that I was going to do a post about what I did last week but I'm too sleepy to put that together at the moment. So I figured I'd do one of those post where you state random things. Fair?

Currently I am....

...thinking thank God! my finals are over
...jumping off the wall with excitement that my cruise countdown is in the single digit countdown!
...grateful that I have blogged for a whole year

...currently obsessing over MTV's Awkward and Faking it
...Feeling very hopeful for a good summer

...Coming up with a lot of ideas for youtube videos, its seriously going to happen

...feeling slightly sad that I moved out of the dorm that has been my home for the last 2 years but am excited for the next dorm

...excited to wrap up my sophomore year with guys on the bloggy next week.

....feeling very relieved and sleepy.

.....grateful to Natalie for helping pack up my room the other day. Thanks girl thanks :) girling over Hunter Hayes!
.Don't worry Dylan's still my main love ;) love with the song Do to Me by Dan +Shay

And that is pretty much what is currently going on in my life! Just heads up next week is going to be so much recap of sophomore year of college! You've been warned! LOL

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