Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Hello All,

I can finally breath again because this semester this whole school year is over and let me tell you it has been the hardest years of my life but more on that in a different post. This is the first of three different end of the school wrap-up posts, sorry it might get a little repetitive for you guys but its my blog and I want to document my life to the best of my abilities. 

With that being said I'm going to rewind this semester and take a look back at what I've done in the Spring 2014 version of...

-I learned about what Hold Up That is Whack is all about
-I started a new semester motivated and ready to go
-I found out that I was going on a Disney Cruise with my family!
-I took at look back at who I thought I'd be
-I got nominated for my first Liebster Award (and few more after that)
-I had an event that helped me re-evaluate my faith...in the best way possible!
-Had a few really awesome snow days
LtoR: Mandi and me
-I got my first Byline
Holding the front page from my paper!
-Tori FINALLY came to visit
LtoR: Tori and me
-I got to go to my cousin's wedding!
At my cousin's wedding
LtoR: Me and Mama J
-I went to see Wicked with Hannah! (Part 1part 2)
LtoR: me and Hannah
-Stepping Down from my position as an officer of the Future Teacher's Club
LtoR: Me, Lauren, Deanna, Heather and Cyndi
The Team (LtoR: Me, Heather, Becca, Deanna, Jaime, center Cyndi)
- Seeing Hunter Hayes, Danielle Bradbery and Dan + Shay in concert (post about this coming up post cruise)

-Finals obvi but who wants to think about that!

And that was the rewind of Spring Semester 2014. I can't believe how much I did and was able to accomplish. Hell I crossed two things off my bucket list! I am looking forward to junior year but I'm ready for the much need summer break!

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