Monday, April 14, 2014


Hello All,

Happy  Monday! As some of you know on Friday I announced that stepping down as secretary of the future teacher's club on my campus. But even though I am stepping down, there are still some events left in the semester and Friday night was one of them.

The event was called Apple Banquet! This is event to celebrate the most activity members of club. All the other state schools and one private school get together and we eat, get awards and have a good night. Plus we get to dress up. 

This year's Apple Banquet was themed after Disney so they had these cute center pieces. They are so cute I want to remember them and one day use them in a possible future daughter's nursery.

For good they had yummy appetizers including meatballs which we delish! They also had salad, pasta, chicken parm, salmon, potatoes and some veggie. The food was so yummy and was served family style which was unlike any other banquet I have ever been. They also had virgin apple martinis which we delicious and such a cute idea for a future teacher event!

The only food picture I took all night #sorrynotsorry
The even was so much fun! It was great to get to know some of our members better and celebrate all the hard work we've done this year. Plus everyone looked pretty snazzy!

The Spring E-Board! (LtoR: me, Lauren, Deanna, Heather & Cyndi)
The President and Vice President this year! (LtoR: Deanna (Pres) and Cyndi (VP)
Next Year's President & VP (LtoR: Heather (VP) & Cyndi (Pres.))
The full year officers (LtoR: Me, Deanna and Cyndi)
They had a photo booth with props and we used some for this fun picture!
Myself and Jaime
Our top participating members!
I am so grateful for the ability to have been part of this club. I had such a great time Friday night and can't wait for our last two events this year!


  1. great pictures! loved the disney picture thing

    1. Thank you! I loved the Disney theme of the whole event. I'm definately stealing the idea of framed Disney silouttes for the future.

  2. Looks like a special evening enjoyed by all.

    1. It definately was a lot of fun! Thank you for reading!

  3. Looks like a great time! Love all the Spring colors

    1. I'm loving this years spring colors! It really was a great time! Thanks for reading!


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