Monday, April 21, 2014


Hello All,

Happy Monday! I hope you enjoyed your Easter if you celebrate and if you don't I hope you had a good Sunday. Today I'm linking but with my blogging buddy Natalie! For this link-up we're asking you to come up with a list of thinks you like about yourself. I've come up with 4 things that I like and I'm going to tell you  and telling you why.

1: My hair
If you look closely you can see the hair better
Most people go around and talk about how they want curly hair, or straight hair, or a different color. I'm going to be honest with you sometimes I want it to be a different color but for the most part I love my hair. I rarely straighten it or curl it for the most part I let it go natural and I love it! Its wavy 9 or of 10 times, sometimes its straight and sometimes and curly. 8 out of 10 times I have good hair days and its my hair, don't care.
2. My eyes

When I look at guy's eyes I'm normally am attracted to brown eyes but I love my blue eyes. Some days they look more blue and sparkly. Plus who doesn't love a blue eyed girl.
3. My legs
Okay so I don't have a picture of them. I felt weird just taking a picture of my legs. But I like them. I might not have legs that are super long, or super thin, or even toned but I have always liked them. I remember seeing my legs reflection one day when I was feeling especially fat and thinking, "Damn, I have great legs!"
4. My personality
I think its important to think that you are beautiful. But I think its even more important that you like who you are. Confidence comes from within you. If you can't like who you are, if you can't think wow, I'm funny or wow I'm smart you are doing a discredit to yourself. My favorite part of my personality is that I like to make friends, I talk to just about anyone and I also think that I'm funny.

What is your favorite things about yourself? Instead of telling me in the comments below link up with me and Natalie.


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