Thursday, April 10, 2014

GETTING READY TO SET SAIL: The Islands We Visit {Week 10}

Hello All,

Happy Thursday! The week is over almost and it also makes it it one week closer to my Disney Cruise! Yay! I'm getting very excited and look at the countdown on my phone almost daily! So, let's start talking about new facts about the trip!

Today we are going to start talkinga bout the parts of call on the cruise! Today I'm going to tell you about the different islands that we'll stop at and next week I'll day you about Disney privately owned island.

When I go on my cruise aboard the Fantasy we will be going a 7-day Caribbean cruise. There will be 3 days at sea, 1 day at Castway Cay and 2 days at other islands. The two islands being St. Marteen and St. Thomas/St. John Virgin island.

At every port of call the Disney Cruise Lines offer many different types of excurion on each island. My orignal plan for this week was to write about all the different thing you could do on each of the island, but then I realized the list was way to long. 

Although while doing my research I realized something. Most of the different excursions I looked at cost around $65ish dollar per person but in most case you get a lot for your money. Most of the trips last about 3-4 hours and provide some sort of lunch and or dinner. 

On my first cruise the only the excursion that Mama J and I did was swimming with Dolphins on Nassau. It was an amazing experience and we enjoyed it a lot. Unfortunately I don't have any picture of it at the moment. 

Have you ever done an excursion while on a cruise? What did you do? Let me know in the comments in below!

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