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The Mother of All Comedies Says Good-Bye

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*This Post contains spoilers from the series finale of How I Met Your Mother, that aired March 31st, 2014. You have been warned***

Since I started blogging, actually before I started I had dubbed myself a TV nerd. I will watch just about anything from comedies, to dramas, to pretty much anything. I love watching a whole series run, but one of my favorite things to see, even if it sounds weird, is to watch the series finale. 

I put a lot of pressure and have high expectation of a show's series finale. And to my honest How I Met Your Mother didn't live up to even my lowest expectation.

Although critics all over the place said that the past few seasons have been some of their worst season, I still thought this show was funny and I loved the characters. But the finale made me see a lot of what the critics had been seeing for quite a few reasons. 

1. I had a very hard time following the story. For fan's of the show you know that the show is basically the longest flashback you'll ever seen. But in this episode they jumped around a lot to make sure they tied up every lose end, which in my opinion they did. 
2. Barney and Robin got divorced! I loved them as a couple and was very disappointed when they announced their divorce. Especially because this whole season was all about Robin and Barney's wedding weekend. I honestly thought they'd be together forever!
3. The mother died! I had read a few articles that said many fans were suspicious about whether the Mother was really still alive because of few hints, that I personally never picked up on. Normally character deaths don't disappoint me greatly but this one did. I always thought when Ted found the Mother they would some how in the fictional world where these characters live have some sort of Notebook ending. But no the writers killed her and I think they knew from the pilot on that they would kill her.
4. Robin and Ted ended up together. As you guys probably noticed from the last two reasons Ted and Robin were both single. But in the last few moments the two ended up together! I have a feeling that many people are through the roof happy with this. But I am not. From the pilot episode we knew Robin was NOT the mother so I never truly invested myself in their love story. Instead I invested in Ted and the mother's story and Barney and Robin's. The only thing I did like was that the writer's knew what they were doing and they had the kids say something along the lines of Mom was barely in it, this is just the story of how much you loved Robin. Also they referenced the pilot in the opening and finale scene.
I was really hoping they'd make a major joke in the finale and they did. "Major Pleasure"
Now don't get me wrong there were some things that I did like about this episode.

1. Marshall and Lily were happy! They were the couple that fans pulled for through out the whole series run, even when they weren't together. I'm happy they were happy. They had, I believe the final count, was 3 children. They spent there year in Italy and Marshall eventually became a judge! 
2.Barney had a little baby girl! I love how throughout the series you got little hints that as much as Barney celebrated not a father's day in some weird way he probably wanted to be a dad. And he finally had a baby girl and for the first time Barney knew what it meant to feel love at first sight. Also he learned how to be a man that he would want his future daughter to one day meet.
3. We finally learned the mother's name which was Tracy!
Although the series finale in my opinion didn't have a legend wait for it dary finale. How I Met Your Mother taught me a lot. They also manage to entertain me for the past 9 years. So, thank you to the cast, crew and especially the amazing writer for 9 years of laughs, smile, slaps, interventions, long stories and heart felt moments.

If you watch How I Met Your Mother, what did you think of the finale? Let me know in the comments below.

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