Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Then & Now & The Future - The World According to Emma Turns 1!

Hello All,

Today is a happy day, today my bloggy baby turns 1 years old! That is 12 whole months that I have logged on to blogger and written post for myself and all you lovely readers in bloggy world! This is also been one of the most stressful, hardest, most anxious ridden year and because of that I am beyond grateful I had this space on the internet to go to when I needed escape or I wanted to share the happy times!

But for right now I want to take a look at where I was 365 days ago when I first started this blog, a look at where I am right now and where I think I'm going in the future with this space on the internet. (P.S. - This whole post was inspired by a post that the lovely Rachel did on her blog once upon a time)

When this blog started it was know as, A Future Teacher's College Life, now it is better known as The World According to Emma!

When I first started my blog I thought I would mainly only write about becoming a teacher and teaching related stuff. I never thought I would be writing about almost anything that I write now.

When I first started my blog I never would have thought I'd have schedule, now I blog Monday through Friday with post that go live at 7 AM.

When I first started I had a weekly feature known as...
Now I have so many features that come out whenever I feel like it!

When I first started I never would have thought I'd have a bloggy friend (Shout out to Natalie)

When I first started I had self made, blogger generic blog designs
Now I have a blog designed by the awesome Rachel!

When I first started I had long hair
You can kind of see the long hair - June 2013
Now my hair is shorter, I want it to grow out again!
It goes to just below the shoulders now - March 2014
When I first started out I never knew how important social media was to blogging. (Please excuse the  shameless plug: facebooktwitter and Instagram)

When I first started I never thought I'd have any readers ever! Now I have 16 on GFC and 23 on Bloglovin. Thank you all so much for the love! I love each and everyone of you as well.

When I first started blogging I never would have thought of starting a youtube channel, now i'm trying to figure out how to make it grow

When I first started blogging I don't really think I had a writing voice but now I think I have stronger one and I love it!

When I first started I had just gotten voted in to be the Secretary of the future teacher's club on my campus but now I'm getting ready to Step Down.

When I first started I never imagined the roller coaster this year would be emotional but now I know that having a place where I can write, where some people will read it will make me feel better. Even if  what I'm writing about has nothing to do with what is bothering me.

The future is a big scary place but I think that this blog's future is bright! I'm not getting ready to change many things but I will be honest that there might be some changes and I wanted to give you guys some previews.

I would like to host a link-up of my own creation, I'm even working of coming up with a theme.

I would like to strengthen relationships with my bloggy friends and make some new ones.

Sponsorship might be coming out soon, no promises yet!

There will be a new blogging schedule for the summer!

My cruise recap, summer 2014 and Junior year!

Thank you all for falling me along with me during this first year of blogging. I can't wait to see what the next year brings and can't wait to share it with you guys!

Stay tune for this years, this months stats and my favorite post of the year!


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