Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Fashion Gods Made Me To It.

Hello All,

This was not the post I planned on doing today but when I went to write it last night I was to tired and decided to do something else. 

You see yesterday I went to Old Navy to take advantage of the 2 flip flops for $5. When I first turend the corner to the flip flops I saw a Anchor print dress and decided to try it on. And it fit! And the price was only $10 so I thought why not.

I gathered up my flip flops and headed to check out. When I got up to the front they told me if I spent $5 more dollars I would get 10% off my next purchase. I saw a pair of cute anchor socks and decided to buy those. But they were on sale for less then $5! So, I ended up also getting some hair ties that were natical themed.

While I was checking out I was talking to the cashier and told her how I heard that they had anchor shorts and wanted to know if it was true. She said that it was but they might not have as many but would check in the back. She came back holding the shorts and told me they were the last pair. I decided to try them on and they fit and knew then that I would have to buy them because the fashion Gods were sending me a message.

A crappy cell phone picture of the haul. Sorry for the crappy lighting
I knew almost instantly that I wanted to wear the dress the next day. I even shaved my legs for it but woke up to rain and decided not to wear. Boo :( But hopefully tomorrow will allow me to wear it because maybe it'll be sunny and warm.

So, that is the story of the day the fasion gods spoke to me! Have you ever had an experience like that? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. Lol I love how we were talking about this post a few hours ago..

    1. The fashion gods made me do it! LOL

  2. Hey, if the outfit fits, buy it! Isn't that how the saying goes? :) Sometimes it's just meant to be and that dress looks amazing! I'll definitely be making a trip to Old Navy asap!


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