Monday, April 28, 2014

Relay for Life 2014

Hello All,

Happy Monday! I know that isn't something most people normally say but today is the last Monday of classes which means that I only have 2 weeks until summer.

This weekend I participated in my college's Relay for Life! When I woke up this morning it was gross and rainy but I hoped and prayed it would stop and it would be a nice night. Around three in the afternoon we headed to the field and we set up our fundraiser. Oh yeah, I was on my Future Teacher's Club's team. We were selling food and coffee and hot chocolate. We were very popular. 

We were able to hang out for a while and chit chat. And they opened up some bounce houses and we played in those for a while. Soon, it was time for opening ceremonies. While opening ceremonies was happening we started to feel some rain drops. Bye the time that the caregivers lap (the second lap of the whole relay) the sky opened up and started to pour.

It spend the majority of  the night pouring. I went back and forth between walking and sitting at the table. Luckily our PR thought to bring a pop up tent and we put that over out table so we were somewhat guarded from the rain. 

At around 9:30 we look at the doopler radar and saw a HUGE storm coming in about 30 minutes and decided that we should start packing up and get ready to leave. I know the idea is that cancer never stops so neither do you. But right now is not a time for any of us to get sick and decided that it would be best if we left. In all honesty most of the teams were packing up. 

We were drench! My sneakers were like standing in a lake they were so filled with water. And I took a 30 minute long shower and was warming up nicely But it was run and worth it. 

This year's theme was super heroes so we all made capes to match the theme. And of course I have some awesome pictures to share. A quick disclaimer, most of these pictures were taken by our income PR officer and I stole them from facebook, they only have my watermark on them so that our pictures aren't used on fake page. 

On the bouncy game thing (LtoR: me, Deanna and Heather
All our our capes, I'm in the middle back row, the one not wearing a hood
The E-Board (LtoR: Me, Heather, Cyndi & Deanna)
Our whole team (LtoR: me, Heather, Becca, Deanna, Jaime and Cyndi in the center
Holding up the tent in the wind and rain
Me :)
And that was my school's Relay for Life. I am so grateful that my school puts this event on each year and can't wait until next years!


  1. Stinks the rain made the event come to an early stop but it seems like it was still a fun time! Love the capes theme!

    1. The rain really did bring it down but we had a lot of fun. Our capes were a big hit at the relay. Thanks for reading


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