Monday, April 7, 2014


Hello All,

Happy Monday! At the end of the last week I left you with a TV review and now I'm starting this week off with another one. I hope y'all don't mind. Sorry I don't know why I said "y'all". 

Anyways for the last few weeks I have been obsessed with MTV's show Are You the One?

If you don't know anything about this show basically its about 20, 20-somethings who all suck at love. A bunch of professional match makers, interviewed them, had them fill out a bunch of surveys and even talked to their family and friends to find them their perfect match. Sound pretty good right?

But here's the catch they have 10 weeks to figure out all 10 matches in order to win 1 million dollars that would then be split between the 20 of them. Each week the house could vote to send one couple into the truth booth which was a booth that would tell them whether they were a perfect match or not. If the couple is a perfect match then they go back into the house but if they are they get to have a bunch of one on one time in a different house and just enjoying being with each other.

Each week they also have a match up ceremony where they pick who they think would be perfect matches and get their hands scanned. Forever perfect match that they have a light goes up. 

This year was the first season and luckily for the 20 of them they found all 20 matches and won the 1 million dollars. I can't wait for the show to come back for a second season because I loved the drama and can't wait to see what the next cast can stir up.

Did you watch Are You the One? Did you like it? Let me know in the comments below. 

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