Friday, April 11, 2014

Life Changes

Hello All,

Happy Friday! I'm pre-writing this post, its actually Sunday night, what can I say I'm a planner but I feel like this week is going to be crazy busy and absolutely insane. Ending with some fun! And the fun, that I have not yet had inspired this post.

As some of you may know I have been the secretary of my college's Future Teacher's Club for the last two semester. I have absolutely loved the last 9 months being and officer. I have loved being able to go to the different leadership retreats that my schools offer (Read about the 2 I have gone to herehere and here).

I have learned a lot from being a student leader and hope to write a whole post about it eventually but the biggest thing that meaning an officer did for me was help me realize what I wanted.

Although to some people who know me personally and were there during the time of this decision might think that I came to this decision easily, I didn't. I actually totally forgot until I re-read the posts how much hearing someone call me a student leader meant to me. A lot of the time I will tell people I'm a student leader when I talk about school.

But at the same time I know that the organization I'm in, although I love it, is not the right fit for me. Which is hard for me to accept. Hell at times I still have hard time wrapping my mind around that fact.  But part of growing up is moving on.

Over the last few weeks I have thought long and hard about where I will go post this postion and I have some ideas and direction for next semester to make sure I stay involved on campus and I can't wait to share it with you all next semester.

As for some of the reasons, well you guys will understand more in about a month when I finally announce the BIG life change I have made, finally making the big decision I have hinted at all year!

I'm ready to finish out my last about 3 weeks as an officer and excited about the future. I wanted to thank the rest of the amazing e-board I got the oppurtunity to work with the last 9 months. So, shout out to Deanna, Cyndi, Heather, Lauren and espicially Megan who kept me sane during fall semester when I was really in the middle of my making my big desicion. I feel honored to get to work with all of you and I know each of you will make great officer.So, let's have fun tonight and celebrate the year!

PS - Check out my Youtube channel for a new Vlog. You can find it here.

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