Monday, September 2, 2013

Leadership Retreat Day 2 & Freshmen Move-In

Hello All,

Today I'm going to share with you guys the second half of the leadership retreat and freshmen move-in day. If you didn't catch the first day of leadership you can do so here. In this post and many post to come might have some editing that blocks out clues as to where I live, some of the editing isn't that great, so sorry.

Before I begin I want to share two pictures I forgot to share during the last post.

The Bulletin Board of the club that I'm the officer of!
The name tag I got for the retreat!
The second day of the conference wasn't as fun. The first thing that we did was go to a conference held by the Student Government Association where they talked about how they could help us and our budget. Fun-Fun! Right?

Much like the day before I went to three mini conferences. The first one I went to was all about how to take minutes for our club. No offense to the girl who ran the conference but a lot of what she had told us, was stuff that I already knew or last year's secretary had taught us. But still she was very sweet and it was a good refresher course.

The second one I went to was about Social Media and how the government is watching everything we put online and listen to our phone calls. We debated about whether it bothered us or not but in all honesty the part about the online montoring doesn't surprise me, that's why I always try remember be careful what you put online. But what did slightly bother me was the phone call thing. But at the same time I understand why they do it.

The final one I went to was my favorite of the day. It was about studying aboard which is the newest item at I added to my bucket list. I learned all about the processes and made me even more excited even if its still so far away.

After the three mini conferences our leadership retreat was over. We got a day off and I spent it working.

That Saturday (8/24) I helped with the Freshmen Move-in, which was part of the deal with the school to be able to move in early. But I enjoyed and we got a free shirt so those are both pluses. The front of the shirt had our school's logo and said move-in crew. But it was really small, I'll tell you about that more later but first I want to show you the back of the shirt because I think it was cute.

We had two rules about Freshmen move-in was that we need follow. 1. Don't let go of the move-in carts! Basically we had to help the freshmen move-in not just hand them a cart and let them go wild. 2. Smile and say welcome to *insert my college name here***.

The problem with the first rule was that during the rush time you couldn't walk off the elevator in the lobby without getting attacked by parents who want you help. But I kept a smile plastered on my face, and was fake either because I really do like my school and every time I would see a freshmen I would welcome them. But families who didn't see the back of shirts where you can obviously see the words move-in thought that we were freshmen too and were always asking us if they could have cart after us and we have to tell them that we needed to help them if they wanted a cart and they'd be like: No, no I don't need help, I just want a cart. If I had desgin the shirt I would have made it obvious from whichever view you saw a move-in crew on the shirt.

I loved helping moving in the freshmen although most of the time I mainly was talking to the parents because the freshmen had to go off and do other stuff. I met two freshmen who made an impact on me because of nice they were. One was the last kid I moved in who was nice and I've seen him a few times since and we still say hi.

The other one was a girl name Emily who lives on my floor. Since move-in we've talked a few times and we actually may end up being friend eventually. She such a sweetheart. Emily, if you ever read this, thanks for being so sweet.

Did you live on campus during college? If you do remember your move-in day? Let me know in the comments below.

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