Thursday, September 5, 2013


Hello All,

Today is double blog post type day! Why? Because I'm sitting outside my next class and don't know what to do because I'm just not feeling homework. I hope you guys have been enjoying blogtember, there are so many post coming up that I'm excited about and can't wait for you guys to read!

So, I'm going to apologize in advance that this post is 1. really late because I meant to write before I moved back into school like 2 weeks ago. 2. Its missing pictures because I forgot to take them so I'll do my best to describe them. So, shall we begin?

For about a month I was debating getting my hair but because it no longer had any style and frankly I was bored of it. I knew I wanted to keep my hair somewhat long and I wanted to have a style that worked with a middle part because that's my natural part and would be easier to style then a side part. I started searching medium length hairstyles and after what felt like forever, I finally came across one that I liked.

Thank you Leighton Meester for the inspiration!

My original plan was to get the exact length but when I got to the hair dresser I just couldn't. I realized that I am overly attached to my hair.  Does anyone else have that problem?

So, here's a picture of the back of my hair before I got it cut, as you can see, its long and un-styled.

What I did end up getting was about 1 and 1/2 inches cut off and a few new layers. The front of the final product ended up looking like this.

I was going to take a picture of the back of my hair afterwards but I forgot. Sorry.

The other new thing that came into my life recently was a new laptop. 

See I really need a new one because the screen and the keyboard on my hold one were being held together by a SINGLE wire. Yes, you read that right a single wire, I was even using a windex bottle to keep it standing. LOL

I ended up going to Best Buy to buy a new one. I'm really bad with computers so I don't know the exact model. But I do know that its a Lenovo and its a touch screen. I absolutely love it! It had Windows 8 and the only part of Windows 8 that I don't like is that if I have Pandora on the internet I have to make it so that the internet and word is opened if I want to listen to music while I write a paper. 

So, those are the new things that's going on my life. What's new in your life? Let me know in the comments below.

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