Saturday, September 21, 2013

The End of Big Brother!

Hello All,

I'm sorry that I have been so bad about doing Big Brother recaps the last few weeks. Between school starting and Blogtember my Big Brother Recaps have gone to the way side. But I have this post and another post planned for the end of the Big Brother season and hopefully next season I will be better about it. 

Okay since I have about 2 weeks to blog about I'm going to a brief paragraph about each of the next 3 evictions and the winner. 

When we last left off Elissa had been evicted because of the double eviction. The next HOH was won by Andy who put up McCrae and Spencer. When McCrae won POV it was clear that Andy would have to put up another exterminator and he chose Judd. And sadly (in my opinion) McCrae and Gina Marie decide to evict Judd.

The next week Spencer pulled out his second win of the season and for the first time could really feel safe in the Big Brother house. Spencer put Andy and McCrae. After Gina Marie won the POV, she was the soul vote to evicted and after taking a note from a Big Brother great Mike Boogie she told McCrae to get to stepin making the exterminator the final 3!

The first final HOH competition of the final three was an endurance competition where they had to hold on to their HOH key while the were pulled around on roller skates. The winner of this competition was Gina Marie.

The second round was an endurance and memory competition where Spencer and Andy had to put the HOHs in order and take them up the wall. The winner of this round was Andy!

The final round was played by GM and Andy where they had to predict which answer the jury members would give to each questions. It was a nail bitter but in the end Andy was the final HOH winner!

Andy then had to decide who he wanted to bring to the final two and kept his word from night two (who does that in Big Brother?). And decide to bring GM to the final two making Spencer the last member of jury.

The jury got to ask the final two questions and unfortunately Gina Marie couldn't hold his own. But in the end 7-2 Andy became the winner of BB15! And the first openly gay player to win Big Brother!

 Although in my opinion the final three didn't completely deserve to be there but I do believe that because of the way the cookie crumbled the first, second and third place was correctly placed. I am also proud of the jury for not holding a grudge.

Tomorrow I will post my wrap up for the season and then Big Brother will go to be until next season when I return to do recaps of Big Brother 16!

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