Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Big Brother Week 11 Recap

Hello All,

I apologize for how late this post is coming out on! My life has been crazy between school, future teacher's club and Blogtember but I'm going to crank this week's recap out for you guys!

In this week's HOH competition the house guest had their feet tied together and they had to hop like a rabbit over to a fence that spelled HOH. They then have to manipulate a egg through the HOH maze until they could pull the egg out the other side. In the end Gina Marie won!

 Instead of a Have Not competition this week they played a luxury competition where they could win up to 10,000. What they had to do was go round and pop balloons. Some of the balloons would have cardboard coin that had either 1, 0 or K on them. The first person to get one of each coin won the money. In the end Spencer won this luxury competition!

For the POV competition they went head to head where they had to spin around 15 times and then run to the bowling land to know down three pins. But they could only do it in 15 second before a wall went up and they had to spin again. The other house guest bullied Amanda and challenged her every round but she knocked out the competition like no other  until she went up against her showmance who beat her in the final round. Making McCrae the winner of the POV.

Amanda believed all week that she ruled the game but what she didn't know was how far up stream McCrae and her were with out a paddle. That is because Gina Marie had joined the alliance the exterminators and their primairy target was the house only standing showmance. Making the nominations for the week...



After McCrae won HOH Gina Marie needed to chose a replacement nominee. A lot of house guests tried to pressure her into nominating Elissa. But Gina Marie stayed loyal to her week to week ally and nominated one of her real alliance members as a pawn. Sending up...

I'm going to skip straight to eviction because the drama and showmance this week as it has been in the past few weeks. Elissa being bullied by Amanda and Amanda thinking she ruled the house.

Amanda and McCrae came up with a plan to manipulate Elissa to vote out Spencer. Andy liked the plan because he could stay true to his real alliance but play the rest of the house. The vote's came out as...
Amanda: Andy & Judd
Spencer: McCrae & Elissa
Making it that Gina Marie had break the tie and she chose to evicted...
My Player of the Week:
This week's player of the week has held this position before. She created a new alliance, made a bold move and got a super power out of the house. So, once again the player of the week is...

Double Eviction:
This week was the second double eviction and for the first time in Big Brother history the two nominees in the original double eviction were once again up for eviction this week!
The double eviction started out with McCrae winning HOH and he nominated the only ladies left in the house...
The POV was won by Judd who decided not to use on either house guests. By yet another unanimous vote Elissa was sent packing.

I was sadden by Elissa eviction because I only have one player left that I like. If you're a Big Brother fan who is your player of the week? Who do you want to see win?

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