Thursday, September 26, 2013

Blogtember: Stream of Conscious - Day 24

Hello All,

Today's topic is a Stream of Conscious. Shall we get started.

I really like this subject post. It gives readers an idea of how I think. Maybe someone don't want to know how I think I'm mean sometimes its scary how my mind works. You know when say something out of the blue and your like trust me it makes sense if you were in my mind. I got a meatball sub for lunch today but it taste really bad. I'm disappointed because I've really wanted a meatball sub today. I've been craving Italian food for the last two days but the dinning hall had tacos last night and my meatball sub tasted bad. I would go to the store and get stuff to make pasta for dinner but I have to work so I'll be eating a burger probably because that's what we make at work. Maybe I'll try the grilled cheese. I've never had it work but the way we make it looks good. Maybe I'll add a little bit of bacon to it. I don't really understand the obsession with bacon. Like yes its good but its not the best food ever. But I get that's subject to opinion because I think cupcakes are the best food ever but some people would probably be like no! Tacos are the best. I mean I do like tacos but it don't think its the best food ever. I went to high school with a kid who obsessed with the word taco. Why I don't know but it was kind of annoying. My mom says I use the word annoying to much but its always just the first word that comes to my mind. Its a reflex like when some people use "like" or "ummm" every other word. I do it sometimes but its normally when I'm trying to tell a story but I get distracted by other things going on. That happened to me last night when Mandi came over and I felt bad that we were talking but I would keep getting distracted. There are some days that I can focus really well but yesterday was not one of them. Then again I don't think this will be posted for a few days so technically Mandi wasn't over yesterday it was few days ago. Because when I think when this posted its going to be more like 3 days ago and yesterday night will probably be me being at work. I really like my job now. It took me a while to get the hang of it but I like it now. But I had a stress dream about it last night where I was learning something new but I just couldn't do it, everything was going wrong. I just had one of those moments where everything was going wrong. I just spent like 10 minutes walking around the student center trying to find a table near a plug so that I could eat my nasty meatball sub and plug in my computer. Then I dropped my juice and made a BIG mess and had to keep running to the bathroom so that I could get paper towels so that I could clean it up. I cleaned it up and then finally found somewhere to plug in my computer and ate my gross sandwich and didn't have anything to drink which is suckish because I have a sore throat. Hopefully I'm not getting sick because I'm so busy and I don't have time to get. I don't think anyone really has time to get sick. Okay well this is for my stream of conscious because I have to get another post done before i go to class in like 20 minutes!  Have a good day!

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