Friday, September 13, 2013

Blogtember: A Moment That You Could Relive - Day 11

Hello All,

Today's Prompt: What moment would you relive if you could?

The moment that I can remember every detail of, instead I want to relive because I'm on the other side and I know that I survive it. 

If I could relieve any moment it would be the day that I move into college. 

From what I can remember I woke up early on the move-in day. Mama J and I went to breakfast with my best friend in the whole world and her mom. It was a bittersweet moment because I was so excited to move into college but it was sad knowing that I would be almost 3 hours away from my best friend who was moving into college in different state a week later.

After breakfast Mama J and I went to visit my cousin in the hospital. She was in the hospital recovering for a surgery and I wanted to see her before I moved into college.

And those are the memories are clear!

Then we were off to school. If I remember correctly I believe Hannah texted me asking me how far away I was and I told her I was about 40 minutes away. I was so nervous to meet her. What if she hated me? She didn't we're actually really good friends.

I remember being so excited that I couldn't sit still and then we pulled into the parking lot. Within seconds we were approached by upper class men offering to help us move in. I met my RAs who really nice and they walked me down to room 407. 

When I went inside I met Hannah, her mother, her brother and her then boyfriend. I remember days later not knowing which one was which until the boyfriend came to visit. I can't remember if we talked. And if we did talk, I can't remember what we talked about.

Soon, Hannah's family left because she was all moved in. Because of the time Mama J wanted to get lunch so I know that Hannah, Mama J and I went to the dinning hall and had lunch together. I know we talked then but I don't remember what we talked about. 

Soon it was time to say goodbye to Mama J and it was really hard. I know I would see her soon, I actually ended up seeing her the next weekend because I went home for Labor Day. But at the time I didn't know when I would see her again.

I went back to my room and Hannah and I talked but nothing we said really sticks in my memory.

So, if I could relieve a moment it would be that moment so that I could remember that moment. 

What moment would you relieve if you could? Let me know in the comments below.

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