Saturday, September 7, 2013

Blogtember: My Personality - Day 5

Hello All,

The first part of today's Blogtember topic is to take a short personality quiz. If you want to take you can here

Before I take the quiz I want to share with you guys what I think my personality is. I believe that I am bubbly, outgoing, caring, funny (sometimes) and nice. I also think I'm stubborn, have my moments where I'm a know it all and talkative.

The results that I got from a the quiz are...

The first one says that I have slight preference toward introversion which doesn't surprise me too much because I prefer to be a small group of friend rather then a huge group of people. But no matter what I try to stay positives and bubbly.

The next one says that I am more like to follow what I sense over what my intuition says. I agree with this as well. I feel like I'm very good at sensing things. Like if I'm in restaurant and their is chiaos in the kitchen I can feel it and the feeling doesn't go away until I leave. I also believe that I have a strong sense of characters. I normally can tell of the bat if your personality is one that I can mesh with. Although I always try and give everyone a chance.

The third one I don't nesicarily agree with. I feel like I'm more of thinker then someone who does something because of feelings.

I'm not 100% sure what the difference is between judging and perceiving. I think I do both things pretty evenly.

I dare anyone to do this post. Whether your doing Blogtember or not I think its a cool way for you reader's to get to know you.

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