Friday, September 20, 2013

Blogtember: A Time You Screwed Up - Day 18

Hello All,

Today's Blogtember topic is one I'm a little apprehensive to share, because it is something that I am a little bit ashamed of but I'm going to share because I learned just a powerful lesson from it. With that being said I will share the story with you.

One of my biggest pet peeves in the world is door slamming and the door in my dorm are really loud because their fire proof ones.

When I first moved to college everyone was tweeting about everyone. They were tweeting about their neighbors, the kids in their classes, their teacher, some random guy they passed. And I unfortunately I went the crowd and tweeted about how annoying my neighbor was.

I came home from the weekend and the girl came to my door and confronted me about it. For the first time I saw that my tweet had effected another human being. She looked so hurt and and I felt ashamed right away. As soon as we finished our conversation I went on my phone and deleted the tweet. 

I have never been so ashamed as I was in that moment. Since then I think before I tweet. I think about what I am saying. What I'm trying to say. And what other people might read into. I also try to remember that future employers or even my current one may check my feed and I need to keep it responsible. 

I can't tell you how often I will write tweet, re-read and then discard it because I don't like what it says about me.

Since starting my blog I take this lesson even more seriously. The way I look at it is, is what I'm writing something I would want my parents to read (they don't know about this lovely blog, maybe someday if I study aboard or if I keep writing when I have children), is this something I would want my future children to read or even my future husband. Is this something that I would be ashamed of one day in future? 

I try to remember all these things every time I log on twitter. I still feel guilty to this day for hurting that girl's feelings instead of talking to her about it like a grown adult. But I'm grateful for this mistake because of what great lesson I learned from it.

What is a mistake that you've made that you've learned a big lesson from? Let me know in the comments below.

On a side not and completely unrelated, while you are reading this me and my roommate are at the Big-E and seeing Hunter Hayes so be on the look out for that post coming soon!

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