Friday, September 6, 2013

Blogtember: Describe A Time When You Were Afraid - Day 4

Hello All,

Today's topic for Blogtember is, describe a time when you were afraid. 

But see here's the think, I don't have many memories of being afraid, maybe its because I lived shelter life and have never been in a scary situtation. Maybe its because I'm super brave...nope that's not it I'm terrified of needles and super brave person wouldn't be. 

There's only been one movie I can think of that has made me jump out of the seat because I was so shocked and the first time I saw comes with a funny story so I'll share that with you. 

Quite a few years a go a movie that many of you have probably heard of that goes by the name of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (This post will not contain any spoilers for the story line of the movie) came out. Being and my best friend, Amelia decide that we wanted to go go see and we went and saw it together the weekend it opened or at least one of the first few weeks it was opened.

The theater was packed to the brim with people and we got the last two seats near each other. Amelia use to have this thing where she wouldn't sit next to strangers in movie theaters so the fact that their were two seats right next to each other and one was an aisle seat was perfect. 

The guy who was sitting next was probably about our age and I'm pretty sure he was sitting alone. 

So, the whole movie theater was engrossed in the movie. That kind of engrossed where the movie is the only thing you see. It gets to the scene where Harry and Dumbledore are in the cave and Harry reaches into the water. And the other hand pops out. The whole entire theater jumps and screams, EXCEPT the kid that I'm seating next to. Who looks at me like, "That scared you?"

 I remember being so offended. Like the whole theater jumped and the kid was judging ME! WHY?!!?!?!

So, that is the only time that I can think of that I have been scared. I guess I'm lame.

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