Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Selife Esteem

Hello All,

About a month ago I wrote a post about things I never thought I'd do. Everyone who commented on it remarked on the same thing. That they thought it was awesome that I gotten to a point where 8 out of `0 times I think I'm pretty.

I started thinking about when I started to feel this way. And then it hit me, I started to feel more confident when the selife craze started. 

When the craze really started I couldn't understand why someone would constantly wanted to take pictures of themselves. But one I tried it and I've been addicted every since.

One thing I've noticed is right around that time my confidence sky rocketed. Some may say it was because I found away to hold my head or because there are instagram filters that brought out my eyes. 

But I think its something else. Every time I looked at the picture I saw something beautiful about the color of my eyes or the way my hair would fall. But when looking at the pictures I didn't see the girl in the mirror that I felt like I saw when I brushed my teeth in the morning, I saw someone who was confident and would think "Damn, I want to be that girl!". And I was!

I also created a personally rule for myself. I refused to take selfies unless I was having a good day. I don't put my forward facing camera on if my face feels like it was breaking out or was too sleepy. That way I wasn't taking ugly pictures. 

For a lot of those reasons I think that the selfie craze has brought up a lot of girls self esteem.


  1. Interesting! Glad selfies have help you see yourself as beautiful! I agree, but I've been obsessed with taking selfies since I was about 10...with desposible cameras haha I've never really lacked confidence but it's great to see that something so simple is helping people! I like that you don't take selfies if you don't feel good or are having a bad day. Those never make for good pictures!


    1. I feel its important not to put yourself in a position where you are going to feel bad about yourself. Thanks for stopping by and reading!


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