Friday, May 2, 2014

12 Months Blogging Stats and Survey

Hello All,

Tuesday I celebrated my 1 year anniversary and I looked back at what this blog was when it started and where I'm thinking it will go in the next few years. Before I take a look at the stats that the twelfth month brought as well as the overall stats I want to thank everyone who has reads this blog, even if this is the first post you have ever read. 

Now I know I a lot of people do giveaways for their bloggy anniversary but I am not yet in the position to have my own giveaway but maybe one year! But with the future in mind I was hoping that I could get some anonymous feedback about my blog to help make it more entertaining for all of you! You can take the survey here.

Monthly/Yearly Stats:
- 290 Number of Published
-11,059 Number of Pageviews
Most Read Post This Month:
*Written Between March 30-April 28***
The Mother of All Comedies Say Good-bye
I Could Still Pull off High School Right? - Crossing Something of my Bucket List
I Could Have Done Better
5 Most Read Post Ever:
Movie Review: The Internship
Why Frozen is the Perfect Movie!
The Best Players of Big Brother
What I Love Wednesday...Teen Wolf
Bucket List Recap August 2013

Month 1:
LtoR: Me, Cyndi, Deanna & Christina
I love this post mainly because I didn't blog most of freshmen year so it gives you a look back at everything I did that year you wouldn't have seen other wise!
Month 2:
One of the pictures that was in the top 5 pictures.
This place holds a special place in my heart mainly because it was first edition of this year, which also happens to be one of my favorite features because I get to look back monthly at some of the awesome pictures I've taken!
Month 3:
I loved shared sharing stories about what has happen with Kizzy because we had some awesome adventures, especially when I fell in through the deck. 
Month 4:
I like this post because so much has changed in the last eight months because now I tell anyone who will listen that I'm a blogger. 
Month 5:
I love this post because like almost any girl out there I love to think about my future husband. Love ya already babe. <3
Month 6:
This was the first time I was really real with all you guys about some emotions. It also was a great way to remember how much I loved my bow-bow. Love ya baby! (I re-read this post and cried, those emotions are still so real)
Month 7:
Shout out to my celeb crush Dylan! I think this post is one of my funnier ones and I had a lot of fun writing it! Thanks so much to Dylan O'Brien for all the inspiration!
Month 8:
I feel like this topic was an interesting idea as whether someone could also consider themselves journalist as well.
Month 9:
This a post that 9 months earlier I never thought I'd be able to write and now I feel like these are tips that I wish I had known when I first sat down on blogger. 
Month 10:
This year I have gone through a lot of growing and I finally believe I am going in the direction towards who I want to be and a lot of these things are still some what true with who I want to be.
Month 11:
This post I wrote spur of the moment and the second I finished I knew I would love it!
Month 12:
I love opening up to you guys about things that I might be too afraid to say out loud.
My Favorite Post Ever:
I go back and read this post whenever I have a bad day. I go through and I still believe and I hope that I always believe these thing forever and ever!

Thank you again for reading my blog! I know that these post aren't always the most exciting for people but if you read this thank you! Don't worry this is the last one until next year as I will no longer be doing stats monthly.

As with last semester's finals The World According to Emma will be going on a blogging Hiatus next weeks so that I can focus on studying and moving out for the summer. Although come back daily to see a motivational quotes. Thank you for understanding!


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