Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Best Parts of Freshmen Year!

Hello All,

I think its time to do a final wrap up on my freshmen year. I spent sometime this morning think about my top ten experiences of my freshmen year. I want to share them with you now and then I'll share a video I create with all the pictures and video from my freshmen year!

10: Halloween 2012: I'm really not that much of a Halloween person, I hadn't dressed up or trick or treated since probably 5th grade. But their was a campus sponsored party so me and my roommate dressed up has dogs for Halloween. 

Me on the left and Hannah on the right.

9: Meeting the Mascot-One day after math class my friend Tessa and I were walking around and me saw the mascot out taking pictures. We asked if we could take a picture and they let us.

From Left to right: Me, Otis the owl and Tessa

8: Rooftop Party- During the Welcome Weekend our campus had a roof top party on the parking garage. I went with some people who I had meet during that weekend. Although the people I went with and I drift apart it was still an awesome experience. 

From Left to Right: Me, Lisa, Michelle

7:Color Combat- This event was an awesome because it made me feel like an elementary school student event all over again. Plus it helped that my team won. 

My Team's t-shirt

6: Getting Bubbles-Hannah and I got  fish, Bubble, and we bonded with it pretty quickly. Unfortunately it was short lived because when Hannah brought Bubbles home for Spring Break, Hannah's niece tried to take Bubbles for a walk, outside the bowl. 

5: Pet Therapy- I love playing with dogs so when they came to visit campus I was so excited and totally in my element. 

My favorite Dog, Honey and me.

4: Sophie visits College - My mom's best friend Sara has a daughter name Sophie who is 4 years old. I love this girl to death, I call her my spirit animal because I love who she is. She came to visit me at college in October and it was so much fun!

Left to right: me, Sophie

3: Meeting Chris D'Elia- I've never seen Chris D'Elia's Show Whitney but hey he's a celebrity and I can officially say I met someone famous.

From Left to right: Me, Chris D'Elia, Mandi & Hannah. 

2: My Expanding Family- This year my family was lucky enough 2 new babies enter our family. One of my aunt's adopted a baby in August and I got to meet him in October. My other Aunt had a baby in February. I haven't met her yet but I can't wait until I get to meet her. 

Joshua (this a recent picture of him) he was born in August!

Anna who was born in February. 

1: Becoming Secretary of my Future Teacher Club- I love this club more then anything that I've ever been involved in my life. I can't wait to be more involved and help run all the events I loved this year!

From left to right: Me, Cyndi (VP), Deanna (President), & Christina (Public Relations). Missing is Megan who will be our treasurer. 

This is the slide show I created of my college experiences. 


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P.S. One of my really good friends Cayla just started a blog so check her's out. Sorry I Have Rehearsal

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