Thursday, May 9, 2013

I Harry Pottered My Way Across the Street

Hello All, 

Well, I'm officially home with Mama J and on summer vacation, but getting here was not an easy task!

Let's start uber early this morning like 12 AM, I don't know if many people know this but Disney Channel does Disney Channel throwback Thursday when they play Disney Channel Shows from years ago. I couldn't sleep so I decided I would watch because I couldn't sleep. I watched both Phil of the Future and the Suite Life on Deck.

I use to LOVE this show. I also had a HUGE crush on the guy who played Phil...I still think he's a pretty attractive guy. 

This was one of my favorite shows though. I thought it was so funny and it made me want to do a a semester at sea. Its actually a program that I am looking into for one summer. 

I finally fell asleep after my flashback to childhood. And 7:30 AM came all to quick and it was time to start getting ready for my math final. Luckily I think I did pretty well on my final, I'm thinking about B. 

After my final I started packing all my stuff, at about noon I was half way through packing and I had a lot more stuff then I thought I would.

I had that plus a huge suitcase and a hammer packed so far but I decide I needed a quick break, I went to the Dinning Hall with Mandi. It was our last real hang out a session. I can't believe how close the two of us have become this semester and I know I'm going to miss her next year!

On my way back to my room I ran into my friend Lauren from my future teachers club, we caught up real quick and said good-bye for the summer.

I went back to my room, finished packing, Hannah and I cleaned our room, and soon it was time for her to leave too. :(

(This picture was actually taken a couple of weeks ago when she was bring stuff home but still she left today)

I had a couple of hours to kill before Mama J would be at school to pick me up, I watched a couple of episodes of Grey's Anatomy and made sure that everything was packed. Unfortunately Mama J was a little late so we were rushing to get before my check out. And here comes the story from the title...

At our school we have 2 types of cart to help people move in and out. One is a laundry bin style bucket and the other is luggage carts that you'd use in are airport. The parking lot is across the street from my building so I had to do a little jog across the street to get the cart over the lip between the street and the sidewalk. While I was doing this I felt like I was in the Harry Potter movies when they had to run onto Platform 9 3/4. Here's a video for those of you who don't know what I'm talking about. 

Well during my last load of bring stuff out to the car I was transporting my rug and I went to try and "jump" the lip to get into the parking lot and the carpet bent under the cart and I got stuck. I said some choice words because I was stuck in the street. I finally was able to get the cart over the lip and get the stuff to my car. During this whole ordeal an attractive guy who lived in building saw it. I was a little embarrassed but I'm a merp so its okay. (If you want to know what a merp is check out my post about it here)

After my merp moment I check out of my room and said good-bye to my room until next fall and said hello to summer!

(The top picture is all my stuff in my dorm and the bottom is it all somehow put into Mama J's van)

Its weird to say good-bye to people who I've grown so close to over the past few months. I see Mandi, Hannah and Heidi everyday and now I don't know when I'll see them again. I will miss them dearly and can't wait to see them at some point this summer. 

Over the past few weeks I've been working a video with pictures and videos from my freshmen year of college, I will be sharing it at some point during the next few days and then it'll be time to start telling stories of summer. 


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