Tuesday, May 28, 2013

And We're Tweeting...

Hello All,

Today I spend sometime researching how to get blogs more popular. One of the ones I read about a lot was  to link your site to social networks. So, I have created a twitter for my blog. You can follow me here. You'll get a better inside of who I am and sneak peek of what's to come on my blog!

I'm also going to start a weekly post called "What I Love Wednesday" where each week I'll pick a topic of something I love and write all about for all you fine people out there in Internet land.

I would also like to know...What makes you want to follow a new blog? Let me know in my comments box and I'll be sure to think about.




  1. Hey! Just found your blog! I saw that you want to do a What I Love Wednesday and was wondering if, since I am hoping to turn my Things I Love Thursday into a Link-Up if you would want to be one of the first blogs to do so?

    I figure since we are both college blogs, we need to stick together!

    <3, Sabra

    PS I can't find an email to email you!

  2. Hey Sabra, Yeah I'd love to do a link-up with your Things I Love Thursday! You can email me at ejudy94@gmail.com
    Thanks for reading


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