Saturday, May 4, 2013

What Exactly Is A Merp?

Hello All,

There is a word that is important in my world that all my readers should know, Merp. It is somewhat of a made up word that me and my friends use. It actually has many meanings. 

1. A Noun; A merp is a person, my friends, Hannah, Mandi and I are merps. We are willing to be ourselves no matter where we are. Even if that means Gangam Styling while we walk across campus. Yes, I've done this. 

2. A Facial Expression; merps have many facial expressions, but the most important one is the merp face itself. Here's an example of the merp face...


3. A Verb: You also can merp. Merping is when you let your inner merp out. My friends and I love being merps. Today while Mandi and I were studying we took a little Merp break. 

I love finding friends who are willing to be merps with me. The most important part of being a merp is loving who you are. 



  1. Hi there Emma! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I can't wait to follow along - I love that you are a young college student who is going to be a teacher! I just had to look up what 'merp' meant after your comment, so glad that you did a post. how fun!

    1. Hi Chelsea! I cannot wait to become a teacher, I actually get to start going into classrooms in the fall to observe. I'm glad you enjoyed the definition of a merp, it was harder to post to write then I thought it would be but I had my fellow merp Mandi help me and I hope we did a good job explaining. Thanks for following my blog!


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