Thursday, May 30, 2013

Missing My Merps

Hello All,

I moved home officially 3 weeks ago and since being home I haven't seen my merps (definition of a merp) in 3 weeks and I miss them so much. 

The only picture with all my merps (minus Chris D'Elia, he's not a merp)
Its weird to go from seeing these two, my best friends at college, everyday to not seeing each other at all. A few nights ago I spend 2 and half hours on the phone with one of them just catching up.

It amazes me how in just a few short months people who I just met become such an important part of my life and now I miss them so much. Hopefully we will be uniting in the next couple of weeks. Mandi (the one on the right of Chris D'Elia) lives about an hour and half away from the area of the state that me and Hannah (my roommate and on the far right) live. 

The strange thing is I miss my college friends more then I missed my high school friends at the beginning of the year. Is that normal? Maybe sense when you go to college you start over and recreate yourself and becoming who you truly are so I think the connection I made with my college friends is stronger then a lot of my high school friends. Don't get me wrong I do miss some of my high school friends, the ones who I still loved me even when I started over and became my true self. 

I can't wait to see my merps again. This weekend I will get to see some of my college friendship when I go to a Future Teacher's Club leadership conference. But part of me can't wait until the end of August when I will be back at school with Merps. 


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