Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Light at the End of the Tunnel

Hello All,

I see the light...the light of the shinning sun and beautiful summer days to come! 

At this time tomorrow I will be homebound, I will have completed my freshmen year! That is scary thought to me. But I am beyond excited for summer and the classes I am taking next summer. Along with my role as secretary in the future teachers club. I know I will miss my amazing friends that I have made this year but I'm taking with me plenty of memories and they are all just a text, tweet, facebook message, skype, call away. And I know that I will see them during the summer. 

But let's talk finals:
-Finals SUCK! Although I know a lot of people already know that fact
-When it comes to finals I would prefer to write a paper rather then take a test. Mainly because I am a horrible test taker. Luckily for me 2.5 out my five finals were papers! Why do I say 2.5 because one of my finals were both paper and a test. 
-If I passed my French final and the class with a C- I will be done with French forever which is would be a dream come true because after 7 years of taking it I'm still horrible at. 

Although I have no concrete plans for the summer I hope to see my little cousins when they visit my grandmother. I hope to get some time to hang out with my friends back home. I also hope to work, read, and relax because next semester is going to be CRAZY!!!!

As I mentioned earlier I am so excited about my classes for next semester. What are the classes? Well I'll tell you in declining order of what my excited about. 
-Geography 100 - This a core class that I have to take. I'm not sure what exactly I will be learning about but I do know that I was pretty good at geography when I was in high school.
-Economics 101- I'm interested in economics because I have no cool how they work and I want to try and understand so that when I become an independent adult I'll understand the economy. 
-Math 106- Its the second part of the math class that I'm in this semester. Its a review of all the things that you learn in elementary math classes. I need to know all of this so that I can teach it one day!
-Special Education 225 & Education 200: These two classes are tied for first because they are my first education classes I've been waiting for those classes since I started college. 

Before I leave you guys I want to share with you a study tip from my roommate, Hannah.

Sometimes napping is more important then studying. LOL



  1. Good luck with your finals this semester. Just keep in mind that study tip and you'll get through lol. Thank you for following my blog!


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