Friday, August 8, 2014

COLLEGE TIPS: Things You Need But Might Forget

Hello All,

School starts again soon? Say What? For all you freshmen out there I have compiled a list of things that weren't on my original list of things to bring.

1. An Umbrella, raincoat or rain boots or any combinations of those things.
Most college are open and you will eventually have to walk outside in the rain. If you don't like getting wet then have these. Plus you normally can find some cute ones to wear!

2. Business causal clothing
There are couple of different reasons you might need those. One is classes, normally if you have to do a presentation the professor wants you dress nicely. Also there are sometime events on campus that you might have to dress professionally. 

3. Some where to store you shoes
If you are anything like me you probably have a good amount of shoes. At home you may leave your shoes all over the house or at the bottom of your nice size closest. But in college you are in small room and might find having a organizer more useful.

4. You're warmer clothes
Yes, you move to school in the middle of August normally but a lot of the time the weather can turn on a dime and you don't want to be stuck on campus with only short sleeves. 

5. An open mind
You are going to meet a lot of people when you go to college and be offered to experience a lot of new things. When you're scared and nervous you will probably gravitate towards things you liked in high school or the type of people you hung out with in college. But you're best friend or favorite new hobby/activity/club might be something you never thought you would  do.

And those are things that I feel like a lot of college freshmen forget to bring with them. If you've gone to college what do you think most freshmen forget? Let me know in the comments below!

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