Saturday, August 30, 2014

Summer 2014 Rewind!

Sorry, this post was late, I didn't have wifi for the first 48 hours! But its here and hopefully I can return to my regular schedule on Tuesday! Thanks for understanding!

Hello All,

One of my favorite features to do at the end of the semester is my semester rewind. And although I may not have taken classes this summer doesn't mean I don't want to rewind it and see all the things I did this summer!

- Went on Disney Cruise with the fam jam!

-Beach Afternoon with Tori!

- Ate at Max Brenner, seriously this place is an event all in itself

-Went to a Red Sox with Amelia and our Mamas

-Eating at Mystic Pizza (and forgetting the camera)

-Spending the day in Newport with Mama Judy

-Driving to New Hampshire to be with the fam jam

- Dying my hair for the first time! The story and post will come at some point in the next couple of days!

So, that was my summer in rewind! What were some of the highlights of you summer? Let me know!

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