Tuesday, September 2, 2014

New Years Resolutions Check-In {September 2014 Edition}

Hello All,

It's September, say what? Yeah, I know where in the world has this year gone. I hope you all had a fantastic Labor Day and relaxed if you could! I mean it's a four day week, who doesn't like a four day week?!?!

Well since its the beginning of September I need to update y'all on my New Years Resolutions so let's get started!

So, here's the key to dictate who there going.
Haven't even been attempted
In Progress

Also, if you want to check out the goals themselves or the first to months you can by clicking herehere and/or here. So, let's begin....

1. Start Exercising and Eating Healthier.
Can we just not talk about this one?

2. Either Cross something off my bucket list or start planning to (i.e. trips)
Pretty much in the same place I was in June, I just looked at the list and saw somethings that might help me cross this off by the end of the year but I don't think it will. You never know right?

3. Start Dealing with the aftermath of my big decision
I'm pretty sure everyone who knew I was ever an education major now knows that I'm not anymore. I also think I've answered the question so what are you going to do with your life now? about 10 bajillion times and the answer is ALWAYS the same which is I don't know. Can't I just watch netflix forever?
Spongebob knows what's up?
4. Finish four of my 180 blankets to donate
I worked on some this summer but it was just to damn hot to have a blanket laying on my legs during the summer. Hopefully I can get this one done soon.

5. Read 7 Books that aren't for school.
I only have 2 more to read before the year's over! I can do, I just need to figure out which ones and find the time to it.

6. Become More Organized.
I actually think this one is going to happen guys! I found a system and I'm hoping it'll work! Cross your fingers!

And that is how I'm doing. How are you guys doing sticking to your new years resolutions or goals? Also I'm thinking about during this feature into a link-up next year but I would need some co-hosts, I have tons of ideas and would love to hear others if you have any email me {emmatheblogger@aol.com} to talk about it.

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