Monday, September 8, 2014

The First Few Days

Hello All,

Happy Friday! I have Wifi! Its all the end of my first 7 days of school. The first week went pretty well and now I'm going to tell you about it!

My first day of school was on Thursday and was a good day. It started somewhat early because my first class started at 9:35 AM. My first class was actually School Heath 203 and it just one of the general school requirements. Everything I heard was that it would be any easy A class and it doesn't seem really hard. The teacher seems nice and that's good. My second class was Media Studies 245 which is one of my major classes! I feel like this teacher is going to be one of my favorites this semester. She's super nice and sweet. A lot of kids from my last semester MDS class were in and well as my bestie Mandi. After class I went to lunch with Mandi and then hung out in my dorm until I had to go to work.

I don't have classes on Friday! And Monday was Labor Day so I had a 4 day weekend! For the whole weekend I worked which was good because my hours get cut for the semester. I also went out to dinner with Mama J and we got some last minute things for the suite. Thanks Mama J.

The classes were a repeat of Thursdays. After class I went to Mandi and Hannah's apartment for a while and then Mandi and I went shopping. And I spend the evening hanging out with 2 of my roomies.

Started WAY too early because I had a 8:10 class. Normally this class will be 2 and half hours because it is a studio art class and they give a lot of time to work on our project. The teacher seems so nice and I'm kind of excited to see if I have any potential of being good at art. Most days I have like 5 hour break but hopefully I'll find a club that meets during that time. At 3:25 I have my creative writing class which is going to kill me with the amount of work (part of the reason I decided not to have a blogging schedule anymore) but hopefully it'll make my writing better.

The only school day that I didn't include is Monday. I have Art and and English on Monday just like Wednesday but I also have 2 and half hour film studies class that starts today! I haven't had it yet but I'm kind of excited because I LOVE movies and the class is suppose to be pretty good.

And that is the first few days of my new semester. I'm excited, feeling positive and ready to go! To all you starting a new semester I hope you have a good one! 


  1. I took creative writing freshman year! It helped so much with my writing! I totally get what you're saying about the writin thing though. I have so much things to write that I often neglect the blog:(

    1. I love writing but I would rather put out well written and fun post instead of writing something quickly just to get out there on time! xx, Emma.


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