Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Chocolate By The Bald Man

Hello All,

If you guys are hungry then this post is going to make it worst because its all about food! 

Last week on Wednesday & Thursday I went to Boston for a night (more posts coming in the next few days) and on Wednesday night we went to an awesome restrurant, called Max Brenner.

His tag line is "Chocolate by the Bald Man," and they are famous because of their delicious chocolate! As soon as we walked into restaurants we were hit by the delicious smell of chocolate, I'm drooling just thinking about it. We were brought to our seats and we all took in the very cool decor. One of my favorite parts which I unfortunately didn't get to take a picture of was that they called the restaurant bar in "The Chocolate Bar". 

For food the menu all looked delicious. It was mainly American foods, a lot of burgers and sandwiches. But they also had some pasta dishes and I think pizza. I got a Mac & Cheese meal because I believe if Mac and Cheese is on the adult menu then I must get it. It originally comes with bacon and roasted tomatoes in it but I got it with out the tomatoes. On the side it comes with tomato sauce and it was delicious to combine the two flavors.

The dessert menu was even more delicious looking. I wanted something on a lighter side and when I looked on the shake menu I knew exactly what I wanted. They had a hazelnut and chocolate shake. Basically it was nutella in shake form! I was hooked. And the second I tried it I fell in love!

Overall I would return to Max Brenner in a heart beat! I loved the food and atmosphere. My only disappointing aspect was that our waitress wasn't great but that's okay. If you want to find a Max Brenner near you or learn more about it you can by checking out his website here.

They had chocolate pipes throughout the resturuant which all read "100% Chocolate"
Beakers of chocolate chips
My plate!
Close up the mac &cheese
Shake, I'm drooling think about it
The tin the check comes in
The Welcome sign.
And that was my experience at Max Brenners. I highly recommend it!

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