Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Mystic ~ August 2014

Hello All,

Last week I went to Mystic & Newport with Mama J and I had a nice mini vacation. And a MAJOR blogger fail, I left my memory card in my computer. Luckily on the Newport Day we were able to find a memory card for me to buy so I'll have picture for tomorrow's post.

Anyways, we had a nice relaxing morning Tuesday and slowly packed up. Then we were on our way to Mystic. When we got there we parked in a public parking place that was about $13 for an afternoon. After parking we walked about a block and half to Mystic Pizza. Yes, THE Mystic Pizza, the one that the movie was based on.

Mystic Pizza is decorated with pictures from the movie and had the movie on a continuous loop. Mama J nor I order pizza but the food we had was good. Our waitress was very sweet although we didn't see much of her. I do recommend just stopping by because its worth the experience.

After dinner we shopped around the little town and checked out the small shops. My favorite was this book shop. It looked like it was a small one room but then extended into another HUGE room. It was a book lover dream, I wish I had written down the name.

After we looked around we headed back to our hotel, which was in Groton CT and I forgot the name #BloggerFail. It was write next to an Applebees so we had that for dinner and then relaxed in the room for the night. All and all it was a fantastic day!

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