Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Things I'll Leave In Sophomore Year

Hello All,

Last Week my bloggy Bestie, Natalie wrote this awesome post all about things she's going to leave in last semester. Well today I'm going to kind of copy that idea but instead of things I'd like to leave in last semester I'm going to talk about all the things I'm going to leave in sophomore year.

As many of people know sophomore year was probably one of the hardest years I've had in school like ever! But I'm ready for a super stellar junior year because my summer has been just what I needed so I'm hoping this school year will follow.

So, the things I'm going to leave in last year is...

...The negative energy that nothing is going as planned

...Hell the need to have anything/everything planned, I'm going live life as it goes

...I'm going to leave unneeded stress behind.

...the guilt of getting people who make me feel negative out of my life

...the second guessing about changing my major

...the shyness, I'm going to talk to everyone and anyone

What are you leaving behind as you move onto a new chapter? Let me know in the comments below.

-P.S. My bloggy is going on hiatus. On Friday I found that I was going away from Monday-Thursday of this week and didn't have enough time to write this week's post. Thank you for understanding and know that I have some awesome post coming in the coming weeks. See you guys Saturday for the Big Brother Recap. xoxo

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  1. aw, thanks for the compliment!! This year is going to be awesome :)


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