Friday, August 22, 2014

New Hampshire 2014

Hello All,

Happy Friday! Its my final Friday of the summer and I'm actually pretty okay with that. I'm ready to reunited with my friends, getting into the schooly routine, find my new place on campus and start what could be the best college year yet! But before school starts and I unfortunately have to wrap up the summer here on the bloggy I want to tell you about my last real thing I did.

So, last week the bloggy went on a impromptu blogging hiatus because I found that I was able to go to my Grandma's summer house in New Hampshire. I was only able to do this because I lucked out and got my 3 days of for the week right in a row.

I did have to work on Monday so I as soon as I got off I changed into some comfy clothes and got ready for the next 5 hour drive. When I got my car I drove a little while and then pulled over to program my GPS. My Grandma's lake house is in a little town and my Garmin GPS even tried to tell me it didn't exist. I tried my phone but for some reason Google Maps just couldn't find signal or kept losing it. I ended up getting about 30 minutes in with my phone but with it constantly losing it signal I ended up deciding to pull over at the first rest stop and writing the directions that Google Maps gave me on the back of recipt. Luckily the directions worked well and I made it there safely in about 5 hours.

The next day my Grandma made yummy pancakes and me and two of my cousins, Nick and Gracie, went and playedat the lake. After lunch we went on boat ride that was really smooth going across the lake. But the sky started to get dark and as we headed back it was rough. We were getting splashed and we'd hit waves that would cause us to jump off our seats. I swear to go it was like training for a Big Brother endurance competition, Big Brother 18, here I come!

Wednesday was a gross rainy day so we all just kind of hung out watched some movies and played card games. My cousin Nick re-taught me and my Uncle Chad how to baby Mille Bourne which is French Card game that is a lot of fun. But I lost miserably every time. 

The day I had to leave, I wasn't leaving until the afternoon. I went to breakfast with my Aunt Marianne, Uncle Chad and baby cousin Joshua went to downtown and had breakfast and did a little shopping. I bought a Lilly Pulitzer cup which I am in love with! When I got back we went on another short boat ride and got a picture with my Grandma and the 5 grand kids. 

The trip although being way too short was really fun! 3 of my cousins Nick, Gracie and Anna I only get to see once a year if our schedule work out and can all go to New Hampshire, this was actually the first time I got to meet Anna who is 18 months because I couldn't get to New Hampshire last year. But I was lucky because I got to spend some one on one time with each of my little cousins. 

And now for the pictures. Yes, I've took a few pictures but I don't feel comfortable sharing pictures of my cousins without their parent knowing, I haven't told anyone other then Mama J in my family about the bloggy. For that reason I'm only sharing 3 pictures but I promise that we were all there.

My favorite place on the planet, the dock at my Grandma's lake house

When I got home from this mini trip it officially started to feel like summer was over and boy did it go to fast!


  1. New Hampshire is gorgeous, wherever you go! Glad you got to have a mini vaca!

    1. I agree, I am so grateful that my family has the lake house so that I can enjoy it! Thanks for reading! xx Emma.


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