Wednesday, January 21, 2015

First Few Days of Spring Semester 2015

Hello All,

This first week is over and I can tell this semester is going to be busy but I am ready and determined to have another great semester! As pre-usual I want to share how the first week went with all of you guys! 

Mondays are great!
I know that probably sounds crazy, who likes Monday? But my Monday doesn't start until 11 AM! #SCORE but hold on, it gets better, its done by noon! #DoubleSCORE On Mondays I only have 1 fifty minute class. Although it definitely won't be my strongest class, its Bio, more specifically Zoology. The teacher seems nice and the class doesn't seem all that over whelming. After class I picked up my 10 books I need for the semester, grabbed lunch and headed back to my suite. Later in the day I got to see one of my best friends, Mandi and we also drove Natalie from Finding My Voice  home. I spent the rest of the day relaxing and hanging out.

The day that never ends! Since I only have one class on Monday I have 4 on Tuesday and Thursdays. My first class starts at 9:35 and is a Media Studies class. I have a friend from my class last semester in this class, plus the class is really small, like 9 people. The teacher is really cool and seems like she'll be a great professor. After that class I have an hour and fifteen minute break where I got lunch and watched some Netflix. Since it was the first day I figured I wouldn't spend to much time in the student center and find my next class. Which was a creative writing poetry class. My friend from my creative writing class last year is in this class so Yay friend! This professor seems really cool, he's a former poetry editor and really seems to know what he's talking about. Next I headed over to my Communication 215 (Small Group Com) and this class will be interesting. For the whole semester we will be working in the same small group to do EVERYTHING  from quizzes to test to all the project. My final class that day is Communication 200 which is all about design. This one I'm a little bit nervous about because everything we do is on a Mac but I'm a PC person and don't know a lot about Macs. After all of my classes I went back to my room and started organizing for the semester and eventually got dinner with Megan. 

Much like Mondays, Wednesdays don't start until 11 o'clock. I went to my bio class and it was pretty uneventful, the teacher explained the first homework assignment and we went over some basic stuff. After class I went and got some lunch and ran to our school club fair to drop off something with a friend. Then I went to find my second class on Wednesday and got lost. I swear I've been at my school for two and half years and still get lost at times. But I finally found the room and realized that I was a lot early then I originally thought. My class was the lab period for my bio class. The teacher only went over the syllabus and let us go. Bio is making me a little nervous though because I was never all that good at science. After class I went back to my room and did all the readings I had for the next day.  Megan and I went to dinner and spend the rest of the night relaxing.

My Thursday schedule is identical to my Tuesday schedule. Expect on Thursday during my lunch break I hung out with my friend from English. My plan for the weeks come forward is to go to the gym after my classes on Tuesday and Thursday so that I can reach some of my goals

Luckily for the second semester in a row I only have classes on Monday through Thursday and I have Fridays off. 

I went home for Martin Luther King weekend and spent some more time with Mama J. I can definitely tell that this going to be a hard semester but I think that with enough work, time management and determination I can do! 

If you're in school how was your first week?

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  1. Sounds like an awesome start! Thanks again for the ride! If you need any Mac help, let me know :) I found this great article on the website that helped me when I switched.


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