Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Disney at Christmas 2014: EPCOT Day

Hello All,

Before I start this post I do want to warn you that there are going to be a lot of pictures! With that being said, let's begin!

We went to EPCOT right after we checked in to our resort. I love EPCOT, I love exploring the countries and doing some of the rides. But mainly I love how photogenic the park is. I mean just look how beautiful the pictures of Spaceship Earth are from different angles.

Entering the park
Walking from the land toward world showcase
From around the Morocco Pavilion
Walking toward Spaceship Earth from near Mousegears
Approaching Spaceship Earth
Waiting in line to get on Spaceship Earth
At night as we were leaving the park
 Once we were in EPCOT we went over to The Land and had lunch at our personal favorite counter service place at EPCOT, Sunshine Seasons. I didn't take any pictures but its delicious and I totally recommend it if you go to EPCOT. It has all sorts of foods, I get chicken and rice. 

After that we hit up the Figment ride, again no pictures. After Figment we had about 2 hours to kill until our fastpass for Soarin' and we decided to explore to some of the Pavilions. 

As we approached the France Pavilion 
When we got to the American Pavilion we decided that we wanted to see the American Adventure show. There was some time before the show so we watched their pre-show of Voices of Liberty.

Their voices were beautiful as usual and they sang some awesome songs. I got some of the song on video and uploaded them to Youtube, you can check the video at below.

When the show was over we headed back to future world so we could go on Space Ship Earth which is my favorite ride in EPCOT. Its a must do when you go to EPCOT. 

Finally we were in our time window our Soarin' fastpass. As we were walking towards the Land Pavilion I had to stop and get my picture taken in the center of Disney World. Which is the center of circles between the Character meet, the Land Pavilion and the Living Sea Pavilion. I love getting my pictures here and Mama J did a great job with the picture.

After Soarin' it was time for dinner at Teppan Edo, I'm doing a sperate post on that Thursday. Then it was time for the event Mama J was looking forward to, the Candlelight Processional, agian I'm doing a sperate post on that, probably next Tuesday. We did however have to wait a while in order to get in a chose seats and I took these pictures while we waited.

After the Candlelight Processional we left the park and the night ended. That was our day at EPCOT. Keep an eye every Tuesday and Thursday for more Christmas at Disney Post.

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