Thursday, January 8, 2015

Christmas at Disney 2014: Teppan Edo ~ EPCOT World Showcase

Hello All,

I can't think of a cute way to start this post so let's just get started!

Today I'm going to talk about our dinner at Teppan Edo which is located at EPCOT, in the Japaneses Pavilion. Now I'm going to be honest, I was a bad blogger and only took 2 pictures during our whole dinner. 

This was probably our best meal the whole trip! This probably was because this was the last real meal before I got sick. But even if I had been healthy the whole trip it still probably would have been high up there, if not the best meal of our trip still.

So Teppan Edo is a hibachi restaurant and the table are set communal. Meaning that you are seated with other people. We didn't really bond with the other families but they all seemed nice and to enjoy themselves. 

This is Mama J's favorite Disney restaurant and we always make sure to go every trip. I always find the hibachi chefs entertaining but this time around we had one of the best chefs I ever remember us having! He seemed to enjoy his job a lot and was able to laugh at himself when he made mistakes. He especially had fun talking to the youngest kid at our table. 

Overall I totally would reccomend going to Teppan Edo and can't wait to go back again one day. Now please enjoy the 2 pictures I took of our experiences! 

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