Thursday, January 29, 2015

Travel Thursday: Travel Essentials {Feature Post}

Hello All,

Today for Travel Thursday I am taking a slight break from my current Disney 2014 Recap to do another type of Travel post. Recently I was contacted by Turo (Formerly Relay Rides)  which a car trading services. Find a city near you by clicking here. Basically people can list their cars on this website and people who are vacationing in their area can rent their car. It seems like a way to earn some extra cash while you travel. 

They inspired me to write this post about what my must have travel essentials are. All opinions in this post are mine and was not told what to write in this post.

-Some sort of identification
That one is probably pretty obivious but its one thing that I find myself checking for every time I leave on vacation. I find myself double and triple checking that my ID is in my bag.

-My camera
I love to take pictures and I love to document memories. So having my camera with me everywhere I go is a must have. 

-My Computer
This might sound a little strange. Your supposed to be on vacation, your supposed to turn off the real world. But when I bring my laptop I don't normally use it for work, school or social media. I like to have my computer so every night I can load all the pictures and any video clips I have on to my computer and clear my memory stick. I don't want to be somewhere and have to delete pictures half way through the vacation because my memory stick got full. Plus, watching movies are fun for long plane flights.

-My phone
Especially when I'm travelling in a group I need the ability to keep in contact with them. Plus instagraming pictures are fun and music when I fly is really nice.

Because of all the electronics that I need to bring with me I definitely need my chargers. These are things that I double check for before I leave.

-Tylenol, Ibuprofen or Advil 
You never know when a headache is going to hit you. And if you are anything like me you can get pretty crabby if my head hurts or I'm not feeling all that great. Having something to make me feel better definitely helps.

-Extra/In Case of Emergency Cash
I always bring money to buy souvenirs but you also want to have some extra cash. You never know what kind of pickles you might get yourself into that you can't use a credit card in. In the same boat if you only use cash you should bring an emergency credit card for larger purchases or in the small case you run out of cash. 

Especially if you're walking a lot you might develop a blister. Or if you me you might fall and end up with a very uncute cute on my leg.

-Raincoat or Umbrella
As we all probably know my favorite place in the world to travel to is Disney World in Florida. And it rains almost once a day there so I try and remember to bring some sort of rain protection for when the skies decide to open.

Those are my travel essentials and must haves. What are some of your travel essentials and must haves? Let me know in the comments below! 

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