Saturday, October 4, 2014

MOVIE REVIEW: The Maze Runner

Hello All,

So, a few days ago Mandi and I went to see The Maze Runner. Are you surprised? My celebrity crush, Dylan O'Brien, is staring in it. Have you seen the promo? If not you can check out below.

As those of you checked this blog out over the summer then you might have read my Maze Runner book review, if you didn't you can read it here

When I read the book I already knew that Dylan O'Brien was going to play the role of Thomas and the whole time I read it I just couldn't picture him in the role. Mainly because I found Thomas beyond annoying and childish and I couldn't picture O'Brien playing a role that "young" so to speak. 

The writers did something though. They changed the character. Yes, he still asked an annoying amount of questions, but not as many as the Thomas in the book did. I didn't find him as annoying and found that Dylan fit the role the screen play writers wrote.

Much like any movies adaptation there were changes made for whatever reasons but the changes didn't make the movie worse. Instead it made it different, I felt that in many parts it was a different story. Yes, it did follow the basic story line but there changes that were made and it added to the story or made it so that people who hadn't read the book could understand.

The primary thing about the movie that bothered me were the angles that the director used the amount of cuts per minute that made me a little, dizzy I think would be the right word to use. Other then that I really enjoyed who the movie was shot and put together.

If you read the book, if you like Dylan O'Brien or you just like action movies I would recommend going to see this movie because if I had to guess, this trilogy will turn into the next Hunger Games. With that being said, if you saw this movie what did you think about it? Let me know in the comments below.

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